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Productivity Tools
If you really want to change probabilities, you always search for the best tools.  Constructs for thinking about things are tools in themselves.
In the 1980's, the 'buzzword' was Total Quality Management (TQM).  A lot of work processes changed because of the processes that were implemented.  These documents reflect some of the best thinking of that time period:
Six Elements to Making Meetings Work and Team Assessment Guide:  Any time two or more individuals come together to accomplish something, they are meeting and working together as a team.  You want them to be effective.  This combined summary/questionnaire will help you quickly identify and assess trouble spots in meetings and teams so all those who work together can do so more effectively.
Total Quality Management--Getting Started:  If you were one of the holdouts who never implemented TQM concepts, this one-page detailed meeting agenda will help you and your organization set up a team-specific training meeting geared toward working on a specific problem you'd like to solve or goal you'd like to achieve.
Strategic Planning and TQM:  Finding the Best Fit:  A questionnaire to help you and your organization identify what your priorities are, how TQM can best create value for you and things you would need to start doing so implementation can succeed.
True Leaders, in Following, Lead from the Side:  how to observe and identify true leadership characteristics and how all of us, no matter what the title or position, lead by our actions.
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