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AeviVision™ is a 'bit' of a 'technological misfit.'  Still learning how to integrate the elements of online business (just starting to live in the cell phone world--although NOT technologically illiterate), publications (unless accessed through online stores like or 'street' stores like Barnes and Noble) must be ordered and paid for by mail (when this is updated, you'll see it here!).
The book:  Visioning for Success . . . using probability-based thinking to create your Lisa L. Osen was developed over a lifetime and written in the '90's.  The title says it all . . .
Articles and selected writings are too numerous to mention and selected highlights can be found at: (OPEN HERE)
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Lisa Osen, the founder and owner of AeviVision™, is working on a new book on alternative design (appropriately entitled:  Alternative Design!).  Although she never met the man, she is a student of Buckminster Fuller, a man who was writing the future we could have well before people thought it was possible.
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