Empty Notebook Designs


When I'm not writing about economic multipliers or working on other things ... These empty notebooks ONLY store text (like eBook apps do), require a Kindle app on your device and have a small footprint which means that ALL you can do is store notes that are easily searchable and backed up every time you sync your system.
Over the last few years, I’ve worked on 10 design series:
(Note:  the following links redirect you to the series at Amazon.com) 
a Funky design (most recent) — a Sweet design — a Light design  a Wired design  a Natural design — a Sky design — a Celtic design — a Greek design — a Modern design (calendars portion) — a Mosaic design —

Each design series includes bare bones calendars heading into the 2020's and most feature:

Air ¤ Along the Way ¤ Art
Birds ¤ Books ¤ Care Guide
Celebrate! ¤ Cook’s Corner
Family ¤ The Garden ¤ Gifts
Help! ¤ I Give! ¤ Movies
Music ¤ My Town ¤ News
Numbers ¤ Processes
Quotes ¤ Sports ¤ Stuff
Tech Tips ¤ Water & Waves
Wheels ¤ Wisdom ¤ Work
I have favorites.  Picking one from each design series ...
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Product DetailsProduct Details

Sky Design Series Notebooks       Wired Design Series Notebooks

Celtic Design Series Notebooks       Mosaic Design Series Notebooks

Greek Design Series Notebooks       Modern Design Series Notebooks