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Understanding Electricity in the Grid
(Just a Little Bit Better)
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  • easier way to understand sine curves and teach the concepts
  • better understanding of electrical 'buses'
  • method/analytical technique for reducing stray voltage
  • ways to improve efficiency in the overall grid & in business & personal use
  • better overall understanding of the electrical system
  • ways to think about how to improve efficiency in all those mini-transformers
Solitary Confinement:
Connecting the Dots Creates an Ugly Picture
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  • a look at how isolation & community connections alter states of mind
  • a commentary on what/who we need people to develop into if they end up in prison systems
  • thoughts about the specific educational processes available to us when we do hold people 'captive.' 
Why Don't We . . . ???
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  • the simple things we should be teaching kids that we many times miss
  • the value in learning to recognize and have people around that encourage good behaviors physically, mentally and emotionally
The Messages We Send Kids
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  • how we disadvantage kids by the things we express to them
  • how we disadvantage kids with multimedia exposure
Is disadvantage a verb?  I guess it is now!
Teaching Young Children How To Visualize
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  • why we don't need to teach young children--they intuitively know how
  • how adults (who may have forgotten how to visualize themselves) can reinforce the concepts that children already intuitively know while helping them stay focused on achievement
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